Service Categories

Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling can add great value to a house, and great satisfaction to the current occupant. Our goal is to work with you to find a design that satisfies your needs and wants. Our expertise in plumbing, electrical, tile work and more; ensures that we can handle every aspect of your kitchen-remodeling project. We will help you select the materials, appliances and finishing touches that will fit your budget and imaginings.

Bathroom Remodeling

When designing, building, remodeling or renovating a bathroom, it is extremely difficult to find the right balance between convenience, quality and style. SF Construction Services has worked with many clients over the years, helping them select materials and fixtures that suit their vision and budget. Whether you are picturing an elegant or casual bathroom, we will help you find materials that will provide a long lasting value for the investment you are making in your home renovations, remodeling or bathroom addition.


When it comes to window installation, our primary goal is to help you reduce the amount of heat that leaves and enters your home. We want to help your family stay warm on cold rainy days, and cool on hot, muggy days. Good quality windows also keep out sound pollution so your family will have fewer disturbances from outside noise. Energy efficiency, security, storm protection, is an important goal that high quality windows can support in your home. SF Construction Services will work with you to determine your needs and help you find the windows and window treatments that best suit your vision and budget.


Sometimes the home we love begins to feel small for our growing family and us. SF Construction Services can help you design, and build an addition or remodel an area of your home. This will of course, increase your living space and we’ll help you choose materials, colors and fixtures that make your new addition or remodel fit right in with the home you have grown to love over the years.


We will work with you to determine the colors, materials and look you want in your next painting project. We are well acquainted with high quality brands to meet any budget.


Choosing the right flooring materials for your home is essential. Your remodeled, renovated or new home spaces should have the kind of flooring that best meets your needs, and the needs of your family. SF Construction Services has worked with many clients over the years, helping them choose between the many choices of flooring materials to find the one that best suite their family’s needs and budget. Whether you choose hard wood flooring, tile, carpet or other flooring materials, we will install flooring for you that will be functional, extraordinary and long lasting.


SF Construction Services, Inc. can provide you with quality service on all major and minor window projects. We can help you select windows that will improve the energy efficiency of your home and suit your budget. We can help you with standard windows, storm and security window installation. We can help with complex custom sized windows. We will make sure that the windows are installed properly and that all the surrounding details are done right.